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Susannah Lodge-Rigal is a writer and educator based in Berkeley, California. Raised in Bloomington, Indiana, she received a B.A. from Knox College and M.F.A. from Colorado State University, where she was awarded the 2019 Academy of American Poets Prize.

Susannah is the author of WHERE THE LIGHT FEEDS (Gasher Press, 2023), and her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Black Warrior Review, Seneca Review, Colorado Review, Mi
ssouri Review - Poem of the Week, Puerto del Sol, DIAGRAM, The Journal, Ruminate, and elsewhere.

Susannah is the Bay Area Regional Director at Art of Problem Solving, where she formerly served as the Language Arts Director at AoPS Academy - Pleasanton. 

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(Gasher Press, March 2023)

Grounded in the landscapes of Indiana and the midwest region, WHERE THE LIGHT FEEDS is a lyric meditation on ecology, elegy, heartache, and homecoming. Formally and substantively, these poems insist that patient attention—to the world, each other, and language–can enact the kind of faith that helps people stay. Throughout this collection,  two central personas, a lyric I and lyric you, traverse regional geographies and reckon with inner terrains of memory, grief, and fear—ever in search of a softer ontology. With a sharpening focus on language and image, the poems in this collection usher their inhabitants into a more inhabitable world




"Where the Light Feeds is no book of prophecy—it is better than that. It is a book of the hours becoming ours, a book of the minutes in which love manifests, a book that teaches us to say what it learns to sing: 'thank you for the luck.'" 
- Dan Beachy-Quick

"[It is] in that quiet Where the Light Feeds arrives—an utterly beautiful book. Page after page a record of where where poems rescue, hum the landscape. Their lines sing to the horizon always in sight, to a you somewhere listening."
Monica Berlin

"They're not lying when they tell you you'll dream of the dead"

Mary Ardery in RHINO


"Boatbound Dysmorphic" - 

Noah Baldino in Foundry

"Lineal Gaps" - 

Esther Hayes in Guernica

"Weathervane" -

Kristin Macintyre in Mud Season Review

"Aleph with all, all will Aleph" - Daniel G. Schonning in Crazyhorse

"Measure" - Robin M. Walter in Wildness



  • Sugar House Review: “Susannah Lodge-Rigal interviews Katherine Indermaur about her chapbook Facing the Mirror“ (2021)

  • Blue Perennial - named a semifinalist for Persea Books Lexi Rudnitsky Prize 2020 & 2021 

  • bare/bearing/barely/bore - named a finalist for Frost Place Chapbook Competition 2020

  • Nowhere I have ever been - named a finalist for DIAGRAM's Chapbook Contest 2020 and semifinalist for Cutbank Chapbook Contest 2020

  • Colorado Review Podcast: Jan. 2020

  • Colorado Review Podcast: Dec. 2019


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